Natalia Kujawa: “consultancy is about more than solutions”

Gedreven, nieuwsgierig en integer. Enkele eigenschappen die we waarderen in onze business consultants bij Simplylogic. Maar liever laten we dat zien dan erover te praten. Bij deze stellen we je voor aan Natalia Kujawa, met roots in Polen werkt en woont ze vandaag de dag in Nederland. Vandaag vertelt ze over haar ervaring en visie binnen de wereld van business consultancy.

Business consultant Simplylogic


Not looking back

It would be misleading to say that at the start of my education I have imagined myself working in a technical environment. I have studied International Business and Management at the HAN University in Arnhem and have always felt a close inclination to the soft part of my studies, such as marketing and management and value creation. However, for my final thesis I have chosen to work for an engineering company in Hengelo, which has introduced me to the technical world and allowed to break the first ice. After that, I have not looked back.

Step further at Simplylogic

When I started working for Simplylogic, my first thought was therefore not that it is a new world, but that it is a place where I can and will find my place as long as I am given opportunity to learn and grow. I began as a trainee for a business consultant role. However, this also meant that I needed to dive into the world of technology and software development. But before I realized, I have immersed myself in the world of Mendix and consultancy, building custom logic and solving database issues.

Mendix- the unifying power

Working with Mendix has allowed me to use my background in business to connect with the client and the challenge at hand. It allowed me to utilize the knowledge I had in the daily tasks and projects. Now I not only understand the processes but can also visualise them and build supporting structures. This freedom and visually-based platform is a medium to get the best out of people and their experiences, coming even from, what seems at first, a distant background.

My work ethic

The core values of my work is trust, understanding and reliability. It is important to understand the needs and requirements and think critically about the problem at hand. Communication is crucial in this step. I like to think that in Simplylogic we build the application with clients and not for them. This co-dependency creates environment of mutual trust and respect.

Another important aspect for me is the trust itself. To be able to work in an environment where both sides have full faith in another’s performance and intention only accelerates results. That is why I highly value our feedback sessions and retrospectives.

The last value that I cannot imagine working without is reliability. Things don’t always go as planned, but I like to think that my clients and co-workers can always rely on me. Sometimes it means that I am eager to go the extra mile to fix a problem and sometimes a piece of homemade cake can bring everyone together.

As a business consultant you are responsible not only for delivering a solution to your client, but foremost by delivering a value. A final product is nothing without having a true meaning to the company.

Ook werken binnen business consultancy?

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