Simplylogic 3D Model Viewer – Supplementary Terms

The Simplylogic 3D Model Viewer lets you upload, visualize, and operate on 3D XKT files in your web applications. The Simplylogic 3D Model Viewer contains domain models, nanoflows, microflows, and a set of 3D widgets that enable you build apps to work with 3D models via the XKT format. The Simplylogic 3D Model Viewer includes whole functionalities that can be very helpful when you are building your own 3D applications.

Mendix Account For the purpose of use of Simplylogic 3D Model Viewer , it is necessary to be registered as Mendix Maker, this can be done via the Mendix website. Furthermore, a Mendix License is required as described on:
Documentation Please refer to the Simplylogic Documentation for details on the Simplylogic 3D Model Viewer features, installation and how to configure it for your Application Model. The documentation further describes details on the Simplylogic 3D model Viewer module components.
Components The 3D Model Viewer widget set is based on the opensource library from Xeokit, which is licensed under the Affero GPL V3 license.

The Simplylogic 3D Model Viewer consists of a downloadable mpk package containing the Service Components for integration into your Application Model. All you need to do is drag and drop items and configure them. It is not necessary, and it is prohibited to make any Modifications to the Simplylogic 3D Model Viewer (“Service Components”), such as widget, as well as the respective documentation and/or manuals, other than as defined and permitted under the Documentation.

Specific Terms
Simplylogic Master Terms The Terms and Conditions regulating the use of the Simplylogic Master Terms can be found here. Acceptance to these terms & conditions is necessary.
Customization to Simplylogic 3D Model Viewer It is not permitted to Modify, or permit a third party to Modify, any part of the Service without the written consent of Simplylogic. For the reasons of doubt, configuration as defined in the documentation is allowed.

The Simplylogic 3D Model Viewer  is available as a limited time trial version for testing and under a paid subscription model – see the MendixMarketplace for details under the following link:

“Application Model” means the visual model of your application, which visual model has been created by you or by a third party per your instructions and requirements, making use of the Mendix Platform.
“Documentation” means the documentation provided by us to assist users in the use of Service describing the operational functionality of (elements of) the Service, including guides and manuals, found at Simplylogic documentation.
“Modify”, “Modifications” means the implementation of the Service Components, not limited to, the code, software or computer programming.
“Service Components” “Service Components” means all components, including but not limited to widgets, java actions, the domain model, microflows, nanoflows as well as documentation or any other artefacts provided in the downloaded .mpk package. See Documentation for details.